Space Data Management

FITS data analysts currently walk about 5 million gross square feet (GSF) every year in an effort to ensure the data found in the university's Space Information and Management System (SIMS) is accurate.

In addition to reviewing room classification data, we also note any needed floor plan changes for the architectural services team to assess, and, time permitting, take 360 images for SIMS. While we rely on users to keep FITS updated on data and floor plan changes throughout the year, audits help catch changes that escaped the standard update processes. Facilities to be visited are determined by how stale the data is in the facility and the priorities of the university's planning team.

The FITS data analysts rely on building coordinators to assist with scheduling access to all spaces in the building. We typically block out 1 hour for every 50,000 sqft in GSF. The process can be lengthy, but buildings with more up-to-date information get completed faster! For information on how to submit updates outside of facility space audits, visit the Submitting FITS Requests for SIMS Updates page.

The following outlines a typical audit process:

  1. Schedule the Audit – To schedule an audit, we start with the Building Coordinator list. Keeping the Building Coordinator List maintained by FOD up-to-date is important for us to get into contact with the right people!
  2. Walk the Building – We will walk through the building as discussed during scheduling with associated contacts. This is when we:
    1. Review SIMS data including Function, Room Type, Room Sub-Type, Capacity, and Cost Center. (See the Space Inventory Handbook for definitions.)
    2. Note and take images of floor plan changes.
    3. Take 360 images of high priority rooms including (in no particular order):
      1. assembly spaces
      2. lecture halls, classrooms, seminar rooms
      3. labs for teaching or study
      4. meeting, conference rooms
      5. lactation, wellness, sanctuary spaces
      6. mechanical spaces
  3. Post Review – After we’ve finished walking a building, we review any outstanding questions, email contacts for more information if necessary, send floor plan change notes and images to the architectural services team, and sort and upload any pictures for SIMS. 

We appreciate the cooperation of everyone involved in the process of keeping SIMS data accurate! 

The Ohio State Data Management Workflow

David Martin presented at the Campus FM Technology Association (CFTA) conference in 2022 on Ohio State's space data management processes. In this presentation he discusses our audit process outlined above and some of the finer details about how we enable other systems to integrate with the space data.