Architectural Services

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The Architectural Services team is dedicated to the development, management, and distribution of facility plans and information for the university, across all campuses. The team provides accurate data by incorporating renovation changes into our Owner Plans, capturing new buildings as construction projects are completed, as well as managing a repository for all record drawings and documents as projects close in an effort to support operations and future projects. Our data is used by customers throughout the university to support early design planning, space planning, donor recognition and operations. We serve as a consultant to customers utilizing our data on potential technologies, uses and best practices.

  • Management of the Buckeye BIM initiative, the maintenance and transition of our buildings to 3D models 

  • Guiding the development and implementation of the university-wide Building Information Modeling Project Delivery Standard (BIM PDS)

  • Easy access to Owner Plans and corresponding data

  • Management, access, and oversight of the university’s BIM 360 / Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC) platform

  • Room numbering for all new construction and renovation projects

  • Management and access for the university’s Archived Projects documentation

  • Management and procurement of university Autodesk Licenses

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