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Official print maps for The Ohio State University are ready for download in a variety of file formats to ensure you can print or edit them with ease. If you would like to request a custom print map please Submit a New FITS Request and we will be happy to discuss how we can support you.

Campus Maps

Columbus Campus

.pdf   |   .pdf (B&W)   |   .ai   |   .eps

A thumbnail of the map for the Columbus campus.

Lima Campus

.pdf   |   .pdf (B&W)   |   .ai   |   .eps

Screenshot of Lima Campus Map.


Mansfield Campus

.pdf   |   .pdf (B&W)   |   .ai  |   .eps

Screenshot of Mansfield Campus Map.

Marion Campus

.pdf   |   .pdf (B&W)   |   .ai   |   .eps

Screenshot of Marion Campus Map.

Newark Campus

.pdf   |   .pdf (B&W)   |   .ai   |   .eps

Screenshot of Newark Campus Map.

Wooster Campus

.pdf   |   .pdf (B&W)   |   .ai   |   .eps

Screenshot of Wooster Campus Map.

Other Sites

 OSU Airport

.pdf   |   .pdf (B&W)   |   .ai   |   .eps


Screenshot of OSU Airport Map.

 Stone Lab

.pdf   |   .pdf (B&W)   |   .ai   |   .eps


Screenshot of Stone Lab Map.

 University Hospital East

 .pdf   |   .pdf (B&W)   |   .ai   |   .eps

 .pdf   |   .pdf (B&W)   |   .ai   |   .eps

Screenshot of University Hospital East Map.



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