Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a process utilizing tools and technology to digitally represent the physical and functional characteristics of a facility that can be utilized throughout the lifecycle of a building. 

The Buckeye BIM Initiative is composed of three parts: BIM for Existing Buildings, BIM for Design and Construction, and BIM for Operations.

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BIM for Existing Buildings

BIM for Existing buildings includes the transition of our buildings from AutoCAD to Revit, referred to as CAD to BIM (C2B), as well as integrating BIM from existing projects into Ohio State’s standardized Owner Models, referred to as BIM to BIM (B2B). These architectural models provide a 3D representation of our buildings that include interior and exterior information utilizing Autodesk’s Revit Software. The university utilizes these architectural models to support early design planning, space planning, donor recognition, and the operations of the university. The Buckeye BIM Initiative has placed Ohio State as a national leader in the use of BIM with over 39.2M gross square footage developed to date.      

BIM for Design and Construction

BIM for Design and Construction sets the standards for how projects will be delivered to the university. These standards ensure continuity for the project and provide the university with the desired data and format for the required BIM deliverables. 

The Ohio State University’s Building Information Modeling Project Delivery Standard (BIM PDS) is a reference guide for project teams to understand what relevant 3D geometry and data shall be included in their models and delivered at key milestones throughout the project. Project teams working on BIM-enabled university projects are responsible for documenting the processes, technologies and project stakeholders that will ensure adherence to this BIM PDS.

All documentation for Ohio State’s BIM PDS can be found on the Facilities Operations and Development (FOD) Resources page under the Design Guidelines, Specifications, Standards section and the related documentation is located under the Building Information Modeling sub section. 

This standard encompasses the development of the following key BIM Project Deliverables:

In addition, Ohio State has released a set of tools to aid project teams in meeting the expectations of the BIM Project Delivery Standard.

BIM for Operations

BIM for Operations is the ongoing effort to integrate our models and data into the variety of systems across the enterprise to improve the overall operations of the university.  Our focus is getting the information into the right hands to improve the quality and speed of decision making.


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